Sources: InciWeb, National Interagency Fire Center, Northwest Interagency Coordination Center, Oregon Office of Emergency Management, NOAA. Interactive by Mark Friesen/Staff. The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for running the 511 traffic system in the state. Phone access: Dial 511. (877) MYGA511 (694-2511) 511 Georgia & Atlanta Traffic smartphone app: iPhone. Android. Online: home page.. All Roads SR 20 City & County Cams Washington City & County Cams Winthrop. Winthrop . Winthrop, WA Winthrop . Airports Winthrop. Methow Valley State Airport Northwest .... List of Traveler Information Program's applications. Nearly 850+ roadside cameras are located statewide. Cameras are non-recording and are used by ODOT's maintenance crews and Transportation Operations Center to quickly and efficiently detect, verify, and plan responses for highway incidents and to monitor weather and road conditions at remote locations.

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